Improve the Efficiency and Reliability of Your Store with Our New Monitoring Tool

In the past, we’ve written about improving services for our clients at the security level or in connection with monitoring the availability of their websites. Now we’ve implemented another novelty to our largest projects – monitoring of internal processes of eshops and their communication with external services.

Ten years ago, we only needed a few scripts to ensure the functioning of an eshop. Now, however, websites are much more complex – we connect them with warehouses, CRM systems and multiple suppliers, and we also export daily payments or feeds necessary for the functioning of advertising campaigns. All these processes need to be monitored, because links are often related and the failure of one can easily affect the functioning of the others. 

There are several ready-made solutions on the market enabling reliable monitoring of these activities. For instance, we tested Logstash, which can monitor the functioning of databases, servers, or even the work of users when set up correctly. Again, this is a third-party service and although it’s mentioned that you can use it for free, it only works effectively in conjunction with other, paid tools. 

So we decided to create something of our own – a tool that:

  • will allow us to monitor all the necessary processes, 
  • we can tailor to each client, 
  • will work independently, quickly and reliably, 
  • displays the data in such a way that not only a programmer but also a project administrator on the customer’s side can navigate them. 

As a result of our work, we have a practical module that we can turn on in the eshop interface of each of our clients upon request. If necessary, we can set it up, for example, to monitor the import and export of products, communication with a warehouse or a bank, or the activity of administrators. In addition, in the data it’s also possible to filter those processes that require the attention of administrators due to an error or failure. They’re always color-coded to increase clarity.

Thanks to the new logger, we have a perfect overview of the operation of internal eshop processes, and our technical support, as well as eshop administrators themselves, can react faster and solve them more efficiently. 

Do you want us to deploy the logger on your project as well?