Non-stop monitoring thanks to UpTime

In an ideal world, every website works without problems. And although we try to make it so in reality, the reality is often more complicated. Whether an error is caused by a human factor or the end of technology support, the most important thing is to fix it as soon as possible. Every second when a website or an eshop isn’t in operation means a loss for the client. That’s why we’ve deployed the new Uptime service on the projects that we manage. Thanks to it, we know about an outage practically immediately and we can start actively dealing with it in seconds.

We deployed the UpTime service on some of our projects back in May. It promised easy implementation and monitoring, which checks whether the requested page is active every 30 seconds. Its advanced features include incident history, scheduled maintenance calendar and error report.

After 4 months of testing, we can confirm that this is a really reliable tool useful for any IT company. So far, it has noted every single page outage and informed us about it immediately via several channels – by phone, text message and e-mail. These notifications are sent to several colleagues so that we can fill in for each other and solve the error as quickly as possible.

We currently have Uptime deployed on 28 of the largest e-commerce projects. However, in the future, we’d like to add all eshops, websites and applications managed by and thus ensure non-stop monitoring for each of our clients.

Preview of the UpTime environment.