Want to Earn More? Try Personalisation!

Personalisation can take many forms. For example, websites can customise content on a page based on search history, or change language based on location. In apps, you can personalise the user experience with the option to choose only the types of notifications you want, for example. And then there’s the personalisation of the goods themselves through printing, for which many customers are willing to pay extra. Thanks to it, an ordinary widespread thing suddenly becomes an original, unique product.

Our client imitrade.sk has bet on the personalisation of products when selling its goods. Today, this originally small family business has 50 employees and is one of the largest suppliers of promotional items, textiles and gifts in Slovakia. In addition to six different types of printing, it also offers its customers the opportunity to improve the purchased goods with embroidery or engraving.

However, each personalization costs something and its price is always individual, depending on the type of printing or the size of the treated area. Until recently, iMi trade employees spent a significant part of their working time preparing quotes and communicating with customers about what and how they’d like to personalise. Today, this agenda is a thing of the past. The entire process is replaced by a configurator, thanks to which clients can click through to personalisation and then immediately get its exact price. You can read all about it, and not only that, in our case study.

So if you’re in the business of selling products and are considering how to distinguish yourself from the competition, personalisation may be the answer. And although the upfront cost to provide the necessary tools is high, your customers will certainly appreciate this option. And the eternal price setting? Contact us and we’ll come up with an ideal configurator for your e-shop.