TOP 5 Bart Events of 2023

Statistics say that we spend a third of our lives with colleagues. With really good colleagues, however, this number increases, because in addition to the hours at work, you’re willing to spend a weekend in the mountains, an evening at a lecture or a night programming with them 🙂 The proof is the ranking of the best events of our year, which we’ve compiled from the opinions of the most competent – bartans. Which are they and, more importantly, will we repeat them again this year? Read on.

Record-breaking company ski trip

Imagine that you set off full of expectations for a company ski trip in Poland and you’re greeted by a snowstorm as soon as you arrive. Your car or even your skis get stuck in snow, but you still experience an exceptional weekend in the best company. After all, fresh snow has its charm and not only skiers or ski mountaineers enjoyed it, but also those of us who came to the trip to strengthen the team spirit. Our colleagues’ experiences say it all 🙂 

On a company ski trip in Zakopane, I stood on skis for the first time in 7 years. My colleagues awesomely motivated me and gave me the courage to dust off the ski shoes again, and it turned out so well that I ski regularly this winter together with my children. I’m looking forward to the 2024 edition and the experiences it will bring.
– Aďka

Business Frontend Masters

To find out how to use GraphQL, all you have to do is enter this query in a search engine and choose from a wide range of educational content. One video even promises to teach you all this in just 40 minutes! But if you want to know what makes this language really special, what projects it’s suitable for, and how the development of a product from scratch actually goes, then we recommend a recording of the 22nd episode of the Frontend Masters event. .

In it, Mišo talked about the greatest advantages of GraphQL, which he discovered during its implementation on a project for Moris Slovakia, and Marek contributed a business perspective on pricing and financing the development of your own application. We’re going to continue with the new format of lectures which combine mainly information about technologies from practice. The next one awaits us in the spring. Will you come? 🙂

Lecture for university students full of errors

When we were given the opportunity to lecture to university students at TUKE, we said to ourselves that we wanted to give them something unique and ours. Something they won’t find on Google for sure. We decided to reveal to them an unadorned view of the IT world with all its challenges and pitfalls.

Marek openly admitted to the students that being the boss of a development company is not only about counting successes, but also about managing mistakes. He described the biggest mistakes we made in the company, as well as how we managed to overcome them, and he wasn’t afraid to answer any of the audience’s questions. After all, who else, if not future programmers, should know that it’s from your own mistakes that you learn the most?

We’re going to return to TUKE again. Once more, our colleague Martin has prepared something different for the students, even a bit controversial – the answer to the question: Why better not become a programmer? We’re already looking forward to the discussion this topic will spark. So follow us on social media. We’ll write more about it for sure.

I liked Marek’s lectures at TUKE. Especially the first one where he spoke by himself, mainly due to his human approach and openness. I was intrigued that he wasn’t ashamed to list the mistakes that either he or other people in the company made in their career, and at the same time he explained to us how he learned from them.
– Oliver

Fine-tuned company hackathon

What makes you feel more ready to do your job than good music? According to our Ady, who, in addition to programming also sings, there’s hardly anything that can match a great playlist. And it seems that a large part of his colleagues also share his opinion, because when he decided to organize a so-called music hackathon, they didn’t hesitate a minute and signed up. Together, they set themselves the task of creating a system for automatically playing music in the corridors, with the project respecting various rules and restrictions.

The result is a solution that not only plays songs, but also provides information about the current song and allows adding more music to the playlist. Hackathon reminded us that in a team it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer. Everyone can contribute a unique perspective. And when you add the right motivation into the mix, the number of hours spent coding simply doesn’t play any role 🙂

For me, the TOP event of 2023 was certainly the music hackathon, because its result is still heard through the speakers 🙂 I was very pleased with the participation of colleagues from various teams, their passion for the idea, willingness to come on a Friday evening and the effort not only to finish everything by morning, but also to fine-tune it to perfection in the next days.
– Ady

Almost 24-hour-long Christmas party

It may sound strange, but this year, our Christmas party actually started at nine o’clock in the morning.

We had breakfast in pleasant company and reminded ourselves that Christmas isn’t only about material pleasures, but also about helping others. Afternoon coffee and a quiz checked our knowledge of the company, and at the party itself, we reviewed our entire year and plans for the next one over several glasses of craft beer. And what happened next? Mainly a lot of noise 🙂 That happens when teams merge into one group and you find yourself in a passionate debate with a colleague who you originally thought that apart from the same employer, you certainly have nothing in common.

Once again, the party showed us that we have a great team around us, thanks to which we take away a lot of experiences from each year. So, with full commitment, we’re embarking on the challenges of the new year and we’re curious what this new chapter will bring us.

I haven’t experienced much in bart yet, but I think the Christmas party was the best. It was actually my first “work” party ever, and it was great to see people having fun, and how the fun didn’t end after the pub closed, but continued in the office with guitars and singing.
– Filip

Personally, ironically, as a not very sociable person, I’d pick out the day of the Christmas party as the best. Great mood before the party – playing musical instruments right in the office – and the party itself was great. Excellent company, place and beer as well. 😀 For me, the best party I experienced at bart.
– Juraj