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Experienced Programmer Security Checklist

When we were planning our latest event, Frontend masters vol. 21, we were most excited about the idea that it would finally be live again. Streaming is great, but it can’t beat real interaction with real people and fresh sandwiches. It gave us the opportunity to pass on to the participants, in addition to knowledge and inspiration, something physical, something that they can take home and it will help them in their daily programming – a new cheat sheet, focused on safety, of course.

Our specialists throughout the company participated in its preparation. We checked each other’s individual points, improved them, but also deleted what didn’t seem relevant or sufficiently understandable to us. The result is a small leaflet at a glance, but it has the potential to improve many projects. 

Its aim is to alert the programmer about possible errors and vulnerabilities that may have been forgotten during development, when finishing a website or an app. For example, backups – did you check if they are not only created, but can also be easily restored? Many of our programmers have already suffered the consequences of this error. The cheat sheet also brings useful tips (do you know that you can also use TLS instead of SSL certificate? Plus, it’s free!) and features (one of which clears user inputs of malicious code, for example). In the opening part, it also contains pre-development recommendations on how to choose the right software for development, directly from our server specialist Jano.

Frontend Masters 21 - Bart Digital Products

When the leaflet was ready for printing, we thought it would be a shame if it only got into the hands of those who would be at the event, and also that, although the paper can take a lot, it can easily be destroyed. We have therefore transferred the cheat sheet to the online form in the form of a security checklist. So you can “tick off” every single point after checking it to make sure that your project is really in good safety condition. In this form, it also has one undeniable advantage – we can update it and add to it according to the current situation and requirements. We will therefore try to extend it to other areas soon, so that it’s an absolute top. ?

Checklist can be found at Feel free to share it and if you have any tips on how to make it even better, message us through our social media and we’ll be happy to look into it.