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When you have experience, you don’t need a course – I mastered the certification during a weekend

I’ve been working in our company since 2008, I started at a time when there were about seven of us altogether. ? As it usually is, with the growth of the company, there also came new challenges and opportunities. One of them was offered to me by Marek in 2017 – to be part of a new project, a large e-commerce solution for a fashion company that operates several e-shops. This is where I first met the Magento e-commerce platform and this is where my certification process actually started.

Keď máš prax, kurz ti netreba - ja som zvládol certifikáciu za víkend - Bart Digital Products

I was examining, I was studying, I was debugging, I was developing, I was cursing, but it was pushing me forward. While I was gradually gaining experience, I slowly developed a feeling that it would be a good idea to somehow verify the acquired knowledge. I registered the possibility of certification for Magento Professional Developer earlier, but the appropriate time for executing it came last year. At first, I considered taking a course or some preparation before the test, but given several years of experience with the development on Magento, I told myself one Friday that I would just try it, because “I know Magento pretty well”. Well, on Sunday I became an Adobe Certified Professional.
Keď máš prax, kurz ti netreba - ja som zvládol certifikáciu za víkend - Bart Digital Products

The whole certification took place online, but under a watchful eye. The conditions were clearly stated: just me and a deadly silence in the room, only a keyboard, a mouse, a camera and one monitor on the table. No turning around, standing up, distracting or frequent suspicious glancing away from the monitor. After the introduction and the introductory briefing, it was my turn to identify myself – to show my ID card from both sides, the “study” of my face. Then I had to show the examiner the work table and also the entire room, from each angle, with a camera.


After acceptance, I was able to proceed to the test itself, which was to be completed in 120 minutes. After clicking on the “Begin test” button, it started to get hot ? The first questions were a piece of cake, then it got harder – I answered, but I put some questions aside to get back to them later. After more than an hour and a half since the start of the test, I was at the last question. Then I returned to the “put-away” questions, but in the end I decided to trust my first judgement and I left all the answers as I had marked them the first time.

Keď máš prax, kurz ti netreba - ja som zvládol certifikáciu za víkend - Bart Digital Products

After a few days, I received an e-mail congratulating me on successfully passing the test. I was very pleased because I confirmed my knowledge in this way and at the same time I took it as a reward for work that I enjoy. The fact that I passed the test without preparation is the result of the fact that I got very interested in Magento and I devote myself to it not only at work, but often also outside of it. It was a very good experience and that’s why my next goal is to get the certificate Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Developer.