The Best Project Innovations of 2023

We inform you about digital news for our clients every month. And although these are all interesting solutions, some of them were still more exceptional than others. Even so much so that our colleagues assigned them the title of TOP innovation of 2023. Which projects made it into this ranking and what did they do to deserve this award? Read on.


The use of personal payment gateways allows entities trading through the portal to achieve greater independence is a comprehensive ecosystem of services that, among other things, connects various sellers and allows them to offer goods, educational content or tickets to events through the portal. Originally, all payments were made through a universal payment gateway, which slowed down the processes. With the introduction of Paygate, from September 2023, businesses have the option to set up their own payment gateway directly above their bank account, increasing efficiency and optimizing the movement of funds.

Paygate not only accelerates the receipt of payments without the need for an intermediary, but also offers entities a space to negotiate more favorable financial terms directly with banks. This creates a significant competitive advantage for companies and organizations, which, as the data show, they really appreciate. As of 18 January 2024, 1254 payments have already been made through the entities’ own gates.


Their own cash register replaced several external solutions at Dejmark and streamlined the operation of stores

We’ve been developing the Oxyrion application for the multinational company Dejmark operating in the field of paint sales for almost 6 years. In September, we expanded it with a significant innovation – a personalized electronic cash register solution. Basic functions of traditional cash register systems weren’t enough for the company, which is why we designed a tailor-made eKasa for them. 

A cash register built on the Android platform with an API built on node.js offers easy operation and a high level of security. The solution is connected to existing applications Oxyrion and ERP system Microsoft Navision and brings advanced features, such as automated product billing, color tone calculation and extended discounts. Thus, the electronic cash register replaced several inefficient external solutions in the company and optimized the accounting process.

Today, this POS system is already implemented in all Dejmark stores in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where it streamlines the work of branch employees and improves the shopping experience for customers.

In 2023, we developed a cash register for our customer Dejmark and replaced their previous cash registers with it. I’m glad that I managed to prepare a library for this project with a payment terminal for a Java application that communicates using the TCP protocol. I’m also satisfied with the new API we’ve deployed for this project. Personally, I’m most pleased that I had the opportunity to expand my horizons with the React framework and Next.js.
– Miro

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Dr. Max’s website made it easier for customers to book medications and launched a revolution in the field of digitization of the pharmaceutical industry in Slovakia

In May, we launched a unique service for the Dr.Max pharmaceutical network, which brings its customers the possibility of booking medications in pharmacies. The allows for quick search and non-binding reservation of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and their pick-up is possible within an hour of sending the request. The solution uses modern technologies such as Vue.js, Slim 4 and Azure DevOps and is created with respect to the sensitivity of the data provided and emphasis on security.

In addition, this innovative system became part of the Dôvera mobile application in December, which was also reported by nationwide media. The success of this service is evidenced in particular by the fact that other pharmacy networks are already starting to develop similar solutions. Thus, the project represents a significant step in the digitization of healthcare and sets a new standard for the pharmaceutical industry.

Last year, together with Vojto and Michal, we created a full-fledged team of three, in which we work on interesting projects that bring sufficient space for personal and team development. Thanks to this, we’re able to constantly move forward and continue to bring creative and high-quality solutions to the client (Dr.Max Slovakia). In addition, with the help of our SCRUM master Mirka, we’ve moved forward in the organisation of work with the client as well. I’m also happy that Dr.Max, as every year, is moving with the times and moving its applications intended for all of us forward. The project is an example of that.
– Kamil

Probably the best thing we did last year from my point of view is the project In about 3 to 4 months, we’ve created a service from scratch that makes it easier for people to find out the availability of a medication in the pharmacies of Dr. Max. At the end of the year, the use of this service in the application of the Dôvera health insurance company was added.
– Vojto

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