When the ChatGPT craze started, we got scared for a little while. There were rumors that it could program, write articles, talk to customers or even paint. But then we tried it and realized the opposite. ChatGPT certainly won’t replace us that soon. Instead, it can help us do our job even better.

On Friday in our company chat, Mišo and Maťo shared some examples of how the smart chat has made their lives easier and we decided to share them with you. If you’ve resisted so far, maybe they will inspire you to try ChatGPT 4 in practice.

8 tips from Mišo

  1. ChatGPT prepared an article about GraphQL for me. It wasn’t very legible, but it was a great basis that quickly found a place on our blog after a proper stylistic editing.
  2. We’re currently completely reworking the authorization protocol on Sportnet. ChatGPT helped me to program the new auth.sportnet.online, while I systematically made requests for OAuth2, PKCE and OPENID standards in one thread. The chat was a lot more helpful to me than reading RFC documentation. Of course, I subsequently checked most of the things it gave me in the RFC.
  3. Based on a presentation, ChatGPT generated quiz questions for Frontend Masters Košice vol. 22.
  4. ChatGPT has re-generated a feature from PHP to Node.js for me, even using a crypto I don’t quite understand, so it saved me from a lot of googling.
  5. ChatGPT calculated a neighbor’s daughter’s math homework, namely it was a word problem with the text: There are 10 camels in the zoo. Some have two humps and some have one. In total, they have 14 humps. How many of each are there? 
  6. On Thursday evening my bowstring broke and it usually takes 48 hours to make a new one. Over the weekend, however, I was supposed to take part in the Slovak Archery Cup, so I asked ChatGPT to suggest a suitable way to replace the bowstring in record time. It turned out well and I finished in 7th place out of 33 participants in the competition. ?
  7. I set up an Instagram page, to which ChatGPT proposed a complete posting strategy, while generating text for individual posts. If only it could do pictures better. ? 
  8. ChatGPT made HTML and CSS for a prototype with the task: Make a form for logging in, put 4 buttons there, etc.

5 examples from Martin

  1. ChatGPT wrote me a lambda function for auto-scaling in AWS and helped me design the auto-scaling architecture in AWS too. It gave me a good foundation. Amazingly, even I, without deep knowledge of Linux, was able to prepare the entire infrastructure in Amazon. So far it has been 80% me and 20% GPT, but I believe that this ratio will slowly turn around.
  2. ChatGPT generated name suggestions for our relay team for me.
  3. ChatGPT helped me fix system bugs on instances in AWS and problems with GitLab runners. 
  4. ChatGPT wrote aggregations for MongoDB
  5. ChatGPT has rewritten the code for project migration from react-router 5 to 6. It’s quite a pain, doing it manually. 

More tips on using ChatGPT can be found in the article on Wearedevelopers.com, which inspired us to share ours.