How We Fine-tuned Content Management at Dr.Max

The Dr.Max project doesn’t use native Magento on the frontend, but the VueJS javascript framework. To make it go faster and smoother. There are, however, several complications associated with this. Not all settings provided by Magento within the page builder are accepted on the VueJS side. There were some of them that were created but only unnecessarily took up space, as they weren’t applied on the frontend. In order to solve this problem, we organized a hackathon and invited a cooperating team from Prague.

How did it go? One room, ten passionate colleagues and eight intense hours of coding. However, we’ve managed it without a cinch. Together, we went through each component of the pageBuilder and compared what can be set on the BE side, how it’s subsequently interpreted by FE and whether this interpretation is correct. If we found an unwanted difference or a setting wasn’t applied on the FE, we rearranged it or cancelled it completely.

We still have some components left and we’ll work on them, but the visible result of hackathon is an already clearer content management using pageBuilder – it is not just a trial/error method anymore ? Therefore, we’ll write our findings in the documentation for PageBuilder, so that in the future, when implementing other components, we’ll have a foundation on how to do it properly.

This little hackathon was a demonstration of the fact that if something needs to be improved, we and our cooperating teams are willing to travel hundreds of kilometers to do it together. We’re already looking forward to another event with Dr.Max – a joint LAN party. We believe that not only colleagues-developers from the Czech Republic, but also teams from Romania will be involved too.