Photoblog from the Spring Ski Trip: Morning Coffee on a Terrace in a T-shirt And an Evening Snowball Fight!

The date of this year’s ski trip fell on the first day of spring – March 21. Several colleagues therefore asked: Do we even need to bring skis? Surely there’ll be no more snow! After all, however, there were 18 daredevils among us who said that whether it would snow or not, they would try to enjoy the extended team weekend in Zakopane to the maximum. In the end, it turned out great and skiing under the blue sky was even better than during the harsh winter. And what else did they do? Check out the revealing photo report.

Several of our colleagues spent most of Friday and Sunday at the Kasprowy Wierch mountain. The weather was favourable to them, even the sun sometimes peeped out, there was enough snow and they practically had the hills all for themselves. Filip even snowboarded on such a huge slope for the first time in his life! 

On Saturday, the ski resort wasn’t open due to wind. However, Marek decided to take advantage of the ideal snow conditions and he set off with his skis to the cross-marked Wielki Giewont with an altitude of 1,895 m, from where he then skied down. Along the way, he also skied down the Kopa Kondracka mountain and took pictures of beautiful Polish nature, including a few deer.

Part of the teambuilding party went hiking in the Polish Tatras in order to visit the Murowaniec cottage.

“We set out on an expedition together with the leader Perduk and the sherpa Jenčík. Me, Paťo Fedič and Matej Pancák were on the tail. It was our first eight-thousander (because we took 8,000 steps). We did it despite inappropriate shoes and fatigue. We had a great talk and enjoyed fresh Tatran air.”
— Peťo

And as a reward for this performance, the boys, accompanied by other bartans as well, indulged in a stay in a water park..

Those who hadn’t yet had enough hiking headed to the mountains again the next day – this time “only” to Kasprow. Beautiful views were the reward for the 4-hour hike.

Although Maťo packed his skis in the car, he didn’t feel like skiing eventually and instead he lead his colleagues out to explore the surroundings. Together, they visited, for example, the ski jumping ramp named after the legendary ski jumping champion Adam Małysz. 

“That was the first time in my life that I was at the top of a ski jumping ramp. That height makes for a whole new level of admiration for people who do ski jumping. 😲 Moreover, we had the opportunity to see Zakopane from a completely new perspective from the platform and we even enjoyed an unexpected spring snowball on a small speck of snow at the bottom.”
— Martin

Dominik enhanced the teambuilding by walking through the Goryczkowa Valley on a fresh snow cover. In an hour and a half, he walked 6.5 kilometers with an elevation of over 300 meters and what he enjoyed the most was the fact that even at the end of March, he had to break through white snowdrifts here and there.

Aďka was preparing for the ski team building so intensely that she suffered a sports injury in January. Nevertheless, she didn’t cancel her trip, she just packed two crutches with her.

“The best thing about the team building was that I took my first walk there with crutches (and I even managed to go up to Kasprow with a little help from a cable car and colleagues!), and the last one without them. The most amazing experience was definitely the fact that on Saturday morning I drank coffee on a terrace in only a T-shirt and at night I made snow angels in the same place and had a snowball fight with Julka.”
— Andrea

That evening, it snowed romantically in Zakopane.

Despite the spring weather forecast, bartans enjoyed a proper winter atmosphere at the team building. And although each of them spent time in their own way during the day, in the evening they always met at one table to exchange experiences and get to know even the sides of their colleagues that they would certainly not discover in the office. See you next year!

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