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Marek Bálint: I’ve always had support from colleagues, I’ve never been alone for anything

An ambitious traveller with the soul of an adventurer. Our Marek, who always must (wants to ?) finish a job. Successful finish.

Marek, tell us something about yourself.

I’m a young guy from Košice who has had a relationship with computers since childhood. When I was less than 10 years old, I was already fascinated by electronics. When I was 15, my uncle and I set up a Minecraft server with about 30 active players. That’s when I found out that I would probably keep programming for a lifetime.

And so my programming studies continued to this day. I remember that a year before I started, I devoted myself to self-study to have an overview of new technologies – React and Angular.

It’s been over a year since you’ve come to Bart. Do you remember your beginnings?

I remember them very well ☺️ It wasn’t easy. Before I started, I got a very interesting assignment, which I quite struggled with as a newcomer. And in the end it was great. When I think about it, I understand why they cared about my knowledge before I started.

After the assignment, there was an interview that lasted up to 2 hours to find out what I knew. But in the end, it all turned out well and my one-year self-study paid off.

Harder on the training ground, easier on the battlefield.

Almost ? The first days in Bart were really interesting. One must really want it and be determined to be able to absorb so much information in a few weeks. After two months, it was much better and I just smiled at things I hadn’t known two months ago. I’ve always had support from colleagues. When I didn’t know something, I asked and we discussed it. I’ve never been alone for anything. It was them who gave me the experience and the opportunity to learn new things.

Work effort

Why did you choose Did your expectations come true?

A year before I started, I was looking for a company in the IT field. I came across and found out that it was a full-fledged and stable IT company that has been operating for 25 years and was based in Košice. According to their website, they were open to hire even a complete novice with no previous work experience. I saw their work, the technology, so I thought I needed to try it and take a risk. I mean take a risk with my self-study.

The company definitely fulfilled me in all directions. I got a new perspective on the ideal job in today’s world, whether it’s because of the team or the work itself.

Ideal job, you say? What is that?

For me, an ideal job is where a person has stable colleagues around them who have always really helped me happily if I didn’t know something. We also have a minimal fluctuation, long-term projects and team buildings. And free coffee in the kitchen ?

You work in an e-commerce team. What do you enjoy most about it? Is it easy work?

Takto sa robí code review.
This is how code review is done.

What I probably like most about it is that I bring customers new functionalities in their e-shops. And thanks to them, they increase the profit of their company. Also, if one has something different to do every day and is not in the same stereotype, they cannot be bored. If you’re bored with work, you’ll eventually stop enjoying it.

Working in e-commerce or working anywhere in the IT sector is not easy. One has to use their brain 100% all day to produce a fully-fledged result. In e-commerce, for example, it’s necessary to divide time according to the type of tasks that the customer needs as a priority. But the most important thing is to understand the customer’s requirements and design and implement the best solution.

Do you still see room for your growth?

Sure, always. Growth is always needed. Whether technically or personally. And it lasts a lifetime. I may never know everything my colleagues know today. But it’s definitely necessary to move my knowledge closer to theirs. Alternatively, I can know more from another area and we will complement each other.

Teide volcano, the highest peak in Spain on the island of Tenerife.

And what about your free time, life away from work?

Hiking, relaxation in nature. That’s me. But I much prefer to travel. I like to travel to places where I know I can go on a hike and see a piece of the world. The best hike was probably in the Grand Canyon, where I found the true magic of America. Of course, our Tatras are also a world unicum, where I was on more than just one ridge ? Also the highest point in Spain, the Teide volcano in the Canary Islands was amazing, because it’s mostly a hike in the desert.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, US

Do you have a work-life balance?

Green lake, High Tatras

Nowadays, when most IT professions work from home, it’s challenging to have a work-life balance. I must say that it was a challenge for me too. However, since we had the opportunity to work from home as well as from the office, I was able to arrange it so that it could be handled better. So slowly but surely I’m approaching that balance.

Marek, thank you very much for the time you dedicated to
this interview. And I wish you many happy travel experiences! ?