ISO Audit will bring innovations in our processes

February has been a breakthrough for us in some ways. It’s been a year since we received the ISO 9001 certification. It’s marked our longstanding commitment to achieving the highest level of quality in all areas of business. Today, however, we’re even a little bit happier. We passed our very first control audit! 

And what does that really mean for us? In particular, an assurance that our processes, workflows and documentation comply with ISO 9001. This has confirmed our status as a responsible and reliable organisation. In addition, the advantage of the audit is the identification of areas that can be further improved. What will it be? We chose the three most important ones:

1. Risk analysis

It’s worth analyzing the risks for individual projects for several reasons. Unexpected situations can lead, for example, to delayed deadlines, budget overruns or lower quality of services delivered. It’s thanks to the identification of potential risks that we can easily prevent such situations and ensure successful delivery of the resulting product under pre-agreed conditions.

2. Report of hours invoiced vs hours worked

The services we deliver to our clients are invoiced on the basis of hours worked. However, not all hours are included in the final billing. Creating a report that points out this difference will be important for us, especially in terms of the distribution of our time resources. We expect it to contribute to better project planning and management and to increasing the efficiency of processes.

3. Continuous evaluation of client satisfaction

It’s in our greatest interest to continually build trust between us and our customers. Allowing clients to address their (dis)satisfaction on an ongoing basis is therefore perceived as a significant step forward. Thanks to the evaluation, through which we can understand the needs of clients, we can identify areas for improvement in a timely manner and adapt the way of cooperation to this.

With these points, we want to take services to the next level and continue to prove to our clients and colleagues that our products meet internationally recognized quality standards. We believe that we’ll succeed.