Although we’ve already evaluated the past year in detail and celebrated it properly, we couldn’t help ourselves and we looked back again, for the last time. This time we were looking for the biggest challenges that our teams had to overcome. How did they manage them, was it worth it and what do the clients say about them? We’ve asked the leaders of our projects in the field of health, sport and e-commerce about all that.


Peter Sliacky
Product owner | Crossuite

Certainly, the biggest challenge we had to face at Crossuite in 2022 was the accreditation we wrote about in the July inspirations. The process of preparing for it was difficult, because we had quite a tight deadline to incorporate all 140 requirements of the commission, so all team members had to work 110 percent. However, it turned out great and our application now has the title of the first accredited medical application on the Belgian physiotherapeutic market. That’s very good to listen to 🙂

What did the accreditation bring to the Crossuite users?

The Commission’s requirements covered every area of the application’s operation indeed. Most of them protect patients from possible human error. For example:

  • Individual diagnoses must have correctly assigned codes according to the codification systems, thus avoiding possible mistakes. 
  • Every action undertaken by the patient, from a visit to a practice to surgery, treatment, etc., must be recorded in detail to avoid possible errors in subsequent treatment. 
  • Patients must have their own unique identifier in order to avoid duplicates or medical records being mistakenly switched between people. 
  • The medical reports that the system generates must have their prescribed form and all the necessary data, so that any doctor in the world would be able to work with them… 

All these “necessities” lead to more modern and safer health care, which every country should strive for.

How does the client evaluate it?

We beat all of our direct competitors in the speed with which we achieved the accreditation. While they boast about being ready for it, we already have it. The proof is here. Therefore, we built an advertising campaign that ran from September to December 2022 on the information that Crossuite is an accredited system, and according to the results, we attracted almost 10,000 of our target customers! We now have between 30 and 40 percent of the Belgian physiotherapy market with Crossuite. By the end of 2023, we expect it to be more than 50%. So I see the accreditation as a step forward, a great start to the next stage of development. There are still new/additional services that we want to launch!

Joris Van den PutteOwner of Crossuite


Product owner | SportNet

If I had to choose one challenge of 2022, which we faced with the SportNet team, it would be the transfer of the Mongo database to the Mongo Atlas Cloud – we wrote about it in September. The process itself brought with it a number of positive and negative surprises, but now I can assess that it was a good step. “ 

What did the migration bring to the SportNet users?

As a result of the migration, the portal is more accessible to people, which is also connected with a lower risk of unplanned outages during high traffic on the site. Mongo Atlas also provides monitoring and diagnostic tools that enable us to easily identify and solve potential database problems. In addition, the content of the portal is now backed up significantly more often. So the editors can relax and not stress if they accidentally manage to delete their article 🙂

How does the client evaluate it?

It’s been confirmed that this is a step in the right direction. We acquired a lot of new useful tools for the development, monitoring and debugging of systems at a comparable price of operation, which I consider to be a big plus. I also very much appreciate the dynamic increase and decrease in the needed computing and storage resources, thanks to which we ultimately use the money allocated for the functioning of the system more efficiently.

Ján Letko, Head of IT Department of the Slovak Football Association


Product owner | Ecommerce 


The past year has been a breakthrough for the e-commerce team for a number of reasons. But if I should mention one, I would choose a newly created e-shop for our client, which we managed to launch in October.“ 

What does the e-shop bring to its visitors and administrators?

  • The e-shop is connected to datasets of 12 suppliers with information about the offered goods. Thanks to the connection with supplier feeds, the e-shop can display up-to-date information about products and their prices. Therefore a regular update of the offer and prices takes place. We don’t want the customer to order goods that are no longer available 🙂 
  • In order for the administrator to be able to edit product details or create subpages as needed, we’ve deployed the Content Builder.js content editor from Innova Studio, which works on the drag & drop principle. It’s proven itself not only in terms of design, but also in terms of functionality. 
  • The overall design of the e-shop meets the requirements of simplicity and clarity, also thanks to clear categorization. The bonus is the display of the currently discounted products on the main page in order to promote their sale.