Bike to work and to the teambuilding in Levoča

As it has become a tradition, this year we logged our more ecological journeys to and from the office – be it on a bike, a scooter or on foot – as part of the Bike to Work 2022 campaign.

And we didn’t just stick to the office. After all, even the trip to a teambuilding doesn’t have to only happen on the highway in the car! So why not enjoy the beauty of the environment of the Slovak Paradise on two wheels when moving to Levočská dolina? The weather was good to us and we even got there first.

Do práce na bicykli 2022 - Bart Digital Products
Do práce na bicykli 2022 - Bart Digital Products

Do práce na bicykli 2022 - Bart Digital ProductsYou can see the whole activity here: Cycling section heading to teambuilding in Levočská dolina

What about the rest of the month?

Our company and its premises are located in the city center and therefore our accessibility by bike is one of the best. The route from the Nad Jazerom neighborhood almost entirely follows a bicycle trail, so there’s no need to be afraid of rushing morning drivers. 

Looking back at previous years, I have to say that what’s been done for the development of cycling in our city, from my point of view, was again a bare minimum. If you want to follow what’s happening about this topic, I recommend following the Cyklokoalícia, which aims at better cycling and pedestrian conditions.

Cyklokoalícia Košice


There’s nothing more beautiful than fragrant programmers

Higher temperatures already in the morning mean that even a 20-minute journey results in the following:

Do práce na bicykli 2022 - Bart Digital Products

Preto sme veľmi ocenili jednu veľkú výhodu našich priestorov – sprchy. Čo je krajšie, ako voňaví programátori! A to platí nielen po bicyklovačke, ale aj vo všedný deň, keď ideme rovno po robote na rande alebo pivko. 

That’s why we greatly appreciated a great advantage of our premises – showers. What’s nicer than fragrant programmers! And this applies not only after a bike ride, but also on an ordinary day when we go on a date or for a beer straight after work. 

Strong teams

This year’s composition of our 2 teams was in the ratio of 2:1:1 – 2 cyclists, 1 scooter-driver and 1 pedestrian.

Street fighters team

?  Dominik Trojčák – 603.29 km

?  Ľudovít Hiľovský – 99.64 km

?  Marek Barta – 654.00 km

?  Miroslav Hupcej – 53.25 km

Šuflikári Team

?  Dávid Kristián Luterančík – 486.94 km

?  Kamil Friga – 34.50 km

?  Marek Šafárik – 63.14 km

?  Matej Pancák – 89.35 kmDo práce na bicykli 2022 - Bart Digital Products

You can see the overall statistics and the statistics of our individual teams on these links:

Together for 

Street fighters team 

Šuflikári Team

And the result?

For we cycled, ran and walked to work in June together more than

2,084 km and thus saved over 514 kg of CO2.

And even though the campaign is over, we continue to use alternative modes of individual transport. Because we care about our planet and what’s left after us 50 years from now.