4 Things We Brought From EXPO Dubai

We recently received a certificate of participation in Expo 2020 in Dubai. And although we have already written about this topic,, we wanted to properly conclude and evaluate this important stage of our company’s life. We have therefore decided to write down what the participation in the World Exhibition has brought us.

1. Exceptionality

According to the Business Register, there are over 500 000 companies in Slovakia. At Expo Dubai 2020, approximately 150 of them had the opportunity to represent our country. Their selection was carried out by a special commission of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic created especially for this purpose. We had the honor of being one of them. We represented not only ourselves, but also the entire Košice IT Valley.

2. Pride in our country

Everyone wrote about the fact that there was a hydrogen car in the Slovak Pavilion. However, we were more interested in dozens of original and inspiring companies that were also here. For example, the award-winning studio Crafting Plastics, where they design unique products made of sustainable materials, such as coconut-fibre shoes. Or Spinea, which produces bearings spinning in a large hadron accelerator in CERN too. And within our health & wellness segment, among others, Diagnose.me – a platform connecting world experts who provide patients with unusual diagnoses with a professional medical opinion remotely. It was amazing to see how much potential our (at the first sight) small country hides, and also how Slovak ideas have broken through in the world.

3. Presentation video about the work we live for

The presentation video was also part of the materials that we were supposed to have prepared as EXPO participants. In creating it, we have been given the opportunity to clearly define the pillars of our company (health, sport and e-commerce) and the main idea we want to present – that we create digital products that improve life. The filming itself was a great challenge for us, but also great fun. It was our first time writing a script, many of us had their voiceover recording debut and others discovered a hidden acting talent. The resulting material captures the true image of our company and everyone who makes it up.

4. Visibility for us and our clients

During its duration, the event was attended by over 24 million people from 192 countries, while the Slovak Pavilion was viewed by about 600 000 of them.Through the video, potential partners from all over the world had the opportunity to see the settings of our company. We are very happy that we could present the work of our developers as well as the projects of our clients to such a wide audience.

The next Expo 2025 with the theme Society of the Future will be hosted by Osaka, Japan. We hope that we will once again find ourselves among the companies that will represent Slovakia and we will show the world ideas that change the world for the better once more.