How challenging is the path to programming? - Bart Digital Products How challenging is the path to programming? - Bart Digital Products

How challenging is the path to programming?

“I’ve been programming for half my life and I thought I knew how to do it. Then I came to Bart, I got to code an e-shop selling air conditioners and I realized I don’t know how to do it.” This is how our colleague Martin started his lecture on the IT Valley stage of the Career Expo event. However, he didn’t want to demotivate anyone, on the contrary – his goal was to show the audience that programming is not a goal, but a path. Endless and full of possibilities.

While most of the other exhibitors focused primarily on hiring (after all, the event was called Career Expo :), we wanted to go against the mainstream and instead of repeating the superlatives that our company has (and there isn’t a shortage of them!), we focused on education. In the lecture, Martin explained, for example, that products created by the hands of programmers are all around us – today, even on refrigerators there are apps that, of course, had to be coded.


With this amazing progress, there also comes a number of complications that IT specialists around the world have to overcome on a daily basis. How to make a website that will be displayed well in all resolutions, on every tablet and on those new foldable phones? How to ensure that an app is safe and able to face increasingly complicated hacking attacks? And what about SEO and speed? Google will only display what meets its technical specifications in search!


Today, it’s not enough to do things the way they used to be done. Being a programmer means constantly learning and moving your skills forward. Is it absolutely necessary to go to school for that? No, but college can give you useful prerequisites that you can’t get anywhere else. Do you need to know math? Not even that, only in case you’d like to devote yourself to the development of 3D games. All you really need is to have passion.

The best programmers in our company are self-taught enthusiasts. They don’t go to work 9-5, but they often also do developing in their free time, whether it’s their smart homes, games or their own projects. So if you’re already coding something just for fun, then you’re the perfect candidate for us. What’s next? We encourage you to focus on a specific area of programming and choose the path you want to take. A handy tool like might help you. These are tips on what technologies to focus on and what topics to master if you want to to work on frontend, backend or more specifically – become a React, Angular or Android developer. The roadmap also offers study materials and a satisfactory option to tick off a topic that you’ve mastered. In addition, its authors also run a useful YouTube channel.


Becoming a programmer today isn’t very difficult – there are several IT companies in Košice and each of them offers interesting opportunities for beginners as well as experienced developers. Becoming a good programmer is something else. It takes willingness to overcome your own boundaries, try new things and not to be afraid to make mistakes that move you forward. Do you have these qualities? Then we hope to meet you for an interview soon.